The Crediton Inn
Mill Street
EX17 1EZ
Tel. 01363-772882

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are sorry to say closed until further notice

We are in the CAMRA "Good Beer Guide" 2020

32 consecutive years in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide


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Crediton Inn Pub Sign

The Image to the left is the town seal for Crediton, Devon, England. It also happens to be the sign of the Crediton Inn, known as the "Kirton Inn" to the local population.
The central figure depicts Saint Boniface, the patron saint of Germany, who left Crediton some 1,500 years ago in an attempt to convert the godless hordes of Europe (Huns, Visigoths etc) to Christian ways.  As can be seen from the inscription around St. Boniface, the actual name of Crediton has changed with the centuries passing.  For example apart from its modern name it has been called Credyton, meaning "town on the river Credy" now known as the river Creedy. When Sir Frances Drake was giving the Spanish Armada a hard time in the English Channel, Crediton was known as Kirton.  Indeed, there is an old ditty that goes, "When Exeter was nort but a furzey downe, Kirton was a thriving town."
At the time of Exeter being nothing but a "furzey downe" (scrubland), Crediton's church was classified as a Cathedral.  Although no longer so, we still have a Bishop of Crediton.
Going back to Sir Frances Drake, it is well documented that he spent many a happy hour in the numerous hostelries of the Exeter area.  In those days, Exeter and Topsham were major ports for sea going sail craft.  As the square riggers left Exeter on the ebb tide they dragged chains astern to stir up the silt and therefore keep the channel open.  However, with the introduction of coal and oil fired ships this practice was dropped, the owners quickly realising that the dragging of chains cost money.  As a result, the channel today to Exeter is only navigable by the smallest of pleasure craft.

Enough of the history lesson what about the Crediton Inn.

The "Kirton" is a very friendly town local pub.  No distinction is made whatever your race, creed or colour.  All are equally welcome.
We specialise in traditionally brewed British cask ale served from beer engines (hand pumps) on the bar.  Do NOT believe people who say British beer is warm and tepid, if served properly, in good condition, at the correct temperature (54-56F) it is a superior product.
If you are interested in Real Ale in general try the CAMpaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) publication, "The Good Beer Guide 2020" or for Devon in particular, "Real Ale in Devon".  It goes without saying that the Crediton Inn is in both!

At The Bar Pub Pic

In The Bar In The Bar

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Real Ales currently on sale

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Other Goodies!

If Real Ale is not your big deal in life, Diane Heggadon, the Landlady, has a variety of other drinks available.
Such as:
Draught Carlsberg, Carlsberg Export lager and real ciders on hand pumps
If you wish to play Skittles or Chess both are available.
All this and no mention of food yet!  Well it is available.  It is traditional pub food as well as quick bites such as Pies and Pasties. 

How to Find Us !

  • From Exeter.     On entering Crediton, take the first hairpin turning right signposted "Tiverton".  Turn left at T-Junction; First pub on the right.
  • From Barnstaple.    Past the Church, take the first turning left signposted "Tiverton".  Turn left at T-Junction; First pub on the right.
  • From Tiverton.    On entering Crediton, first pub on the left
  • By Rail    Follow the "From Exeter" directions.
Car parking available.

How to contact us!

Telephone:    01363-772882